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"We all deal with grief and loss in our own way, Mike Nichols releases it through the tip of his pen.

Even the smiles some of these poems provide are bared behind tears. Beautiful book, cover to cover, well done. I highly recommend it."

- James Dennis Casey IV     author of, "Unwritten Words     That Slide Down the Wall."



Mike L. Nichols is a graduate of Idaho State University and recipient of the Ford Swetnam Poetry Prize.


"Dead Girl Dancing" is his debut collection of poetry. Many of the poems in this collection were first published on the Web in various journals.


Watch for forthcoming books from Mike, and thank you for visiting this site.


"Dead Girl Dancing" is more than a widely accessible treatise on grief and loss. It is an exploration of what it is to live with loss in modern society, to ignore grief and to have it come rushing back to you, without warning.


The poems in this debut collection, sprinkled with slant rhyme and sound, may provide catharsis for those who struggle to come to terms with loss.


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