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Blue Lake Review: There's Nothing on TV at 5 pm

The Collidescope: My Mother is a Skeleton, parts I & II

Panoplyzine: "'Merica the Insidious"


The Collidescope: "Flap Method," "Perspective"

Literary Orphans: “Disaster," "Shroud,” “American Way”

Rat’s Ass Review: “Keep it Holy”

Unlikely Stories Mark V: “In the beginning,” “Exacta”

Scryptic Magazine: “I’ve Misplaced My Basket,” “This House is Cold” pp. 5, 6

Post Card Poetry and Prose Magazine: “Night Terrors”

Tattoo Highway Journal: “I’m Still Not Tall Enough to Reach”

Rogue Agent Journal: “Neolithic Period” 

The Poet’s Haven: “Talk to Me,”  “Out of Misery,”  “Sesame Street,”

Black Rock & Sage: “Dead Girl Dancing”  Ford Swetnam Poetry Prize winner, pp. 74-76

Black Rock & Sage: “Grave Children” p. 50


"Dead Girl Dancing" is more than a widely accessible treatise on grief and loss. It is an exploration of what it is to live with loss in modern society, to ignore grief and to have it come rushing back to you, without warning.


The poems in this debut collection, sprinkled with slant rhyme and sound, may provide catharsis for those who struggle to come to terms with loss.


Sad Girls Club Lit: "Night Song"

Nevermore Journal: "Demons in the Light"

Lion and Lilac Magazine: "The Walk"


The Literary Nest: “It All Just Magically Disappears”

Bewildering Stories: “Monsters” 

Underground Voices: “Tico’s Story”

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