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"...[Dead Girl Dancing] dexterously balances sound, image, and idea...
Indeed, what impresses me most is the poets negotiation of proximity -- how the dead girl is everywhere and nowhere at once."

BEN GUNSBERG, Black Rock & Sage 

"Dead Girl Dancing is truly an impressive debut collection. Mike Nichols expresses deep inner sentiments in his poetry, you can feel the weight of his words getting heavier with every turn of the page. Trying to find peace of mind for the ghosts dancing through his memories as well as himself. 
We all deal with grief and loss in our own way, Mike Nichols releases it through the tip of his pen. Even the smiles some of these poems provide are are bared behind tears. Beautiful book, cover to cover, well done. I highly recommend it."

JAMES DENNIS CASEY IV, Author, Unwritten Words That Slide Down the Wall 

DGD 72DPI.jpg
"[Nichols has] clearly done the hard work of sinking into the pain of [his] losses and being with that pain long enough and thoughtfully enough that [he] can communicate it to the rest of us. "

RODERICK BATES, Editor,  Rat's Ass Review 

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